Chronometric automatic remineralizing filter

Chronometric automatic remineralizing filter


Automatic remineralizer filters, with chronometric programmer, for pH rise of acidic waters and remineralization of pure water.

A simple and safe process of raising the pH value is to pass the water through limestone. Calcite is a mixture of calcium and magnesium in which its salts in water give a pH greater than 7. Calcite is gradually dissolved by increasing the pH value of the water. Once the limestone is consumed it is necessary to periodically replace it.

For water with pH less than 5 this treatment is not suitable.

The time of contact of the water with the pH correcting medium is important to find good results.

For every 10 mg / l CO2 present in the water, the alkalinity and hardness will rise approximately 18 mg / l as CaCO3 and there will be approximately 12 mg / l of the medium.

  • Raise the pH value of acidic water
  • Remineralize pure water produced by reverse osmosis.
Specifications and sizes

  • Automatic valve Autotrol 263
  • Chronometric programmer, allows cycle filter washing from 0,5 to 99 days.
  • GRP column with top and bottom distributor.
    Minimum pressure 2.5 kg / cm2 Maximum pressure 6 kg / cm2
  • Operating temperature 4 to 35 ° C
Autotrol valve
 Calcite Load (Lts)354575100125140225
Flow rate (m3/h)0,40,40,60,70,91,21,7
Backwashing flow rate (m3/h)1,51,52,63,23,85,17,1
Connections In/Out (in)1”1”1”1”1”1”


Height (mm)1085157515751860186019201912
Diameter (mm)257257335367410510560