About Ambietel

Ambietel is a company with extensive experience in water treatment, counting on the collaboration and partnerships with companies of high national and international prestige. The main objective of the company is to guarantee its customers the best offer available in the market, giving priority to the most environmentally correct technologies.

It presents sizing, supply, installation, monitoring and monitoring services of complete systems, in the production of potable water and reuse, both for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

The quality of the services provided to our customers is one of the primary objectives of our business activity, which is ensured by the continuous training of the Company’s staff, both in terms of knowledge of new technologies and new requirements for water quality standards.

Ambietel looks for a good performance services rendered. To do this, it clearly identifies the needs of customers in terms of water treatment and proposes more technical and economic solutions. This whole process is carried out in close connection with the customer.