Nitrates removal filters

The presence of nitrates in the water are usually from the use of fertilizers. Dec.-Law no. 306/2007 establishes as a parametric value 50 mg / l.

Nitrate can be removed to water by ion exchange or reverse osmosis (RO) systems.  This housing (RO) system, applied to a tap for consumption, establishes a high removal efficiency at a low cost. For large or multiple uses, domestic or industrial, ion exchange regeneration systems are preferable.


Specific ion exchange resins for removal of nitrates from water. These resins exchange the nitrate ions with chloride ions. Regeneration is carried out with a saturated solution of salt. The equipment used to perform this type of treatment is a removal filter system, consisting of an automatic filter whose filter medium is a strong anionic resin exchange  and where the control of steps, service and regeneration , is performed automatically by a volumetric programmer.


How does it works?

Removal of nitrates by ion exchange is similar to the water “softening” process, with a small difference in resin polymer. The resin removes nitrate (and sulfate, due to its chemical similarity) from water and replaces chloride ions. When the resin bed reaches exhaustion, the control valve performs regeneration of the bed.

This is done by passing salt water (made with common salt dissolved in water) through the bed of resins, which processes the replacement of the nitrate and sulphate ions by the chloride ion, which are then eliminated in the outflow. After a final wash to remove excess salt, the unit is automatically ready to go into service. The only requirement is to ensure the user that the brine tank is kept filled with salt.

Models Specifications:
  • Automatic valve  Performa 278 CV and MAGNUM
  • Programmer Logix 742 e 762
  • Connections 1″ e 2″
  • Working pressure: 2,5 a 8 bar
  • Operating temperature: 0 a 35ºC
  • Power suplly: 220V-12 V (with transformer)
Liters of resin (Lts)15305080125225350500750
Vessel size8×3510×3510×5413×5414×6521×6224×7230×7236×72

Flow rate (m3/h)

Salt tank (lts)100100150200300500100010001500
Connections In/Out1”1”1”1”1”2”2”2”2”
Height (mm)108515751575186018601920191221852650
Diameter (mm)203257335367410510560620770