Reverse osmosis is a process of filtration of water under pressure through a
semi-permeable membrane, allowing the passage of water, but rejecting particles such as
such as suspended particles, bacteria and salts.

This technology allows the reduction of minerals in the water, with the advantage of not using
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Ultra-violet disinfection is a physical process of disinfecting drinking water,
Based on the emission of radiation at a wavelength of 254 nm, with a germicidal effect,
Which inactivates the microorganisms present in the water, allowing efficient disinfection,
With the advantages of not adding chemicals to the water and that there are no risks

UV radiation is effective in inactivating organisms, such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

UV radiation, produced by a mercury vapor lamp, penetrates the cell wall
of a microorganism, destroying its genetic stability, and consequently, its
reproductive capacity. This makes their ability to cause

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Process for the removal of bivalent ions from water (calcium and magnesium, iron and strontium),
Responsible for the water hardness, for the substitution by the sodium ion, avoiding the
Problems in pipes, equipment, boilers and consumption of detergents.

The decalcification process is carried out by ion exchange, where ions are removed
of calcium and magnesium by sodium ion.

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Ambietel presents solutions for water treatment, design, supply of technology, installation and monitoring of complete systems, in the production of potable water and reuse, for domestic and industrial applications.

Rainwater harvesting

Nowadays, water is a limiting factor in meeting the needs at the domestic, agricultural and industrial levels. It is well known that the availability of fresh water is decreasing in the face of growing needs and the constant pollution of available water sources.

In order to harmonize supply and demand and thus meet water needs, it is imperative to use alternative water sources, which with appropriate treatment can achieve the required quality for the purpose for which they are intended. In a residence, about half of the water used does not need to be potable, and in an industry the needs of drinking water are much lower, so the use of rainwater, gray water and the reuse of process water makes perfect sense.


The quality of services provided our clients is one of the primary objectives of our business activity, being ensured by thecontinuous training of the Company’s staff, the level of knowledge of the new technologies as new requirements for water quality standards.

Ambietel is looking for a good performancethe services provided. To this end, it clearly identifies the needs of Customers, at the level of water treatments, and proposes the more technically and economically adjusted solutions. This whole process is carried out in close connection with the customer.

The design, delivery and installation of water treatment equipment is ensured according the desired quality and suitable for the purpose for which it is intended.

There is a responsibility for all the treatments installed, following up when justified.
All necessary information and training is provided to the client company’s staff to understand the Treatment system, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the facility and its optimization.


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Irrigation water

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